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Barriers and Bumper Curbs

Brookfield Concrete Products produces pre-cast barriers and curb bumpers to suit your needs.  Contact us to discuss your needs and the products best suited to your needs.  By pre-casting onsite, we can guarantee strict quality control, concrete strength.  We have a large inventory on-site and can deliver anywhere within Nova Scotia to meet your needs.


Pre-cast concrete curbs are designed to act as a vehicle stop that will not harm the car.  They contact the wheel without hitting the vehicle exterior.  Bumper curbs are a great way to keep your parking lot organized while preventing collisions with sidewalks or other cars.  

Other Barriers

Brookfield Concrete Products also provides “Bullet Barriers” or A-shaped barriers.  These barriers are useful for providing a higher barrier than traditional bumper curbs and provide a lower cost alternative to a jersey barrier when crash and rollover protection are not required.

Jersey Barriers

We produce pre-cast jersey barriers onsite (in both 8′ and 4′ lengths).  It is a tried and tested design for road safety.  They are also useful for protecting workers from traffic, or controlling traffic flow on your worksite.  The many uses are seen throughout the province of Nova Scotia.  

The design was born of necessity.  Highway Engineers in New Jersey designed the barrier to prevent head-on collisions.  However, the profile is deliberate – the wide base helps prevent rollover in the case of a side impact while also providing stability.   

inventory of jersey barriers stacked together
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