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Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are a crucial part of on-site sewage disposal systems.  Brookfield Concrete Products produce a wide range of septic tanks to meet the system designed by your Professional Engineer or selected by your Qualified Person.  Our tanks meet CSA Standard B66 as specified in the Nova Scotia Environment Approved Products guidelines.   Please see our technical documents to view CAD sketches of all tank sizes.

For more information and contact information on system design, installation, and maintenance, Nova Scotia Environment  and Waste Water Nova Scotia provide a searchable list of certified Professional Engineer, Qualified Persons, Installers and Cleaners.  Waste Water Nova Scotia also provides reference material on installation, maintenance, inspection and flushing of septic systems.  

We are also happy to discuss your septic needs and direct you to the right resources to answer your questions.  

row of septic tanks in inventory

Available Sizes and Accessories

We have readily available stock available in our must commonly requested sizes:

  • 600 gallon – two compartment

  • 600 gallon low profile

  • 800 gallon – two compartment

  • 1000 gallon – two comparment

  • 1000 gallon low profile – two compartment

We also have various septic tank accessories available for purchase:

  • Effluent filters

  • Tuf-Tite plastic riser or covers

    • 6″x20″

    • 6″x24″

    • 12″x24″

  • Flow-splitter tees

  • Sweet Air Vent Stack filters

We also can custom produce the following sizes:

  • 625 gallon

  • 640 gallon low profile

  • 845 gallon

  • 1057 gallon

  • 1250 gallon low profile

  • 1600 gallon

  • 2000 gallon

  • 2500 gallon

  • 3000 gallon

  • 3500 gallon

  • 4000 gallon

  • 4500 gallon

  • 5000 gallon

  • 5500 gallon

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