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Micro-Modular Peat System

Brookfield Concrete is the designer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of the Brookfield Micro-Modular Peat System: the first modular peat system approved for use by Nova Scotia Environment by a Nova Scotian.  Contact us for all inquiries or view our manuals and other technical documents here.

Biopurification promotes effluent’s transition from the anaerobic to the aerobic state.

Multiple bacteriological processes aerobically digest and breakdown the effluent which lessens and eliminates the pathogenic organisms. Biopurified effluent can be released to the environment without any adverse effect to human or animal receptors.

Brookfield Peat Micro-Modules are engineered to treat 10 litres of effluent per hour. They will work for decades with only minimal maintenance. Engineered modular systems with surge tanks and distribution hubs can be scaled to handle stand-along sewage-treatment requirements of any size.

Industrial bio-remediation technology that is scaled to meet your requirements for both residential and commercial stand-alone sewage-treatment systems.

micro modular peat system design flow diagram
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